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Mrs. Rekha Sharma

The Story of Mrs. Rekha Sharma Battle against Diabetes & High Cholesterol

Rekha Sharma is a 42-year-old Mumbai based. She is putting on weight because of her busy schedule and ad lifestyle. She is also under medications for Diabetes and Cholesterol. Read More...

Mr. Deepak Bhatia

The Story of Mr. Deepak Bhatia who reduced weight and also overcame his BP problems

Deepak Bhatia is 45-year-old Mumbai based Businessman. He is putting on weight because of his busy schedule and bad lifestyle. He is also under medications for High BP. Read More...

Mrs. Priyanka Koli

The Story of Mrs. Priyanka Koli Weight Loss Post Delivery

Priyanka Koli is 30-year-old Mumbai based working professional. She started gaining weight when she was pregnant and post delivery gained lot of weight. Read More...

Mr. Karan Kasurde

Mr. Karan Kasurde, age 19: I got my dream physic as ME Naturals guided me the right way. I lost 2 kg in 1 month.

I am very particular about how I look. I always wanted good physic and personality. I was working out regularly in gym but was not able to achieve my dream look. ME Naturals explained me my mistake of eating wrong due to which I was not able to achieve my goal. ME Naturals assigned a dedicated Dietitian who’s a doctor as well, Ayurvedic doctor, Physiotherapist & Personal Care Manager who worked with me extensively to guide me towards a healthy lifestyle and healthy eating habits. Now I look and feel the way I dreamed of. Thank you ME Naturals. Read More...

Mr. Deepak Singh

The Story of Mr. Deepak Singh Weight Loss

Deepak Singh is 26-year-old Mumbai based working professional. After his regular health checkup he got to know his lipid profile is on higher side. His doctor asked him to lose weight as at his age his reports were not good. Read More...

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