Diabetes is a state where body lacks the efficiency to fully store and utilize glucose. Glucose gets collected in the blood stream leading to high blood glucose.

Majorly there are two types of Diabetes:
Type 1 known as juvenile or insulin dependent diabetes. In this type body completely stops producing any insulin, a hormone that enables the body to use glucose found in foods for energy. People with type 1 diabetes must take daily insulin injections to survive. This form of diabetes usually develops in children or young adults, but can occur at any age.
Type 2 known as adult-onset or non insulin-dependent diabetes results when the body doesn’t produce enough insulin and/or is unable to use insulin properly (insulin resistance).

This form of diabetes usually occurs in people who are over 40, overweight, and have a family history of diabetes, although today it is increasingly occurring in younger people, particularly adolescents.

  • Family history of diabetes: If your parents or grandparents have history of diabetes there are chances you get it.
  • Overweight or obesity: Being overweight or obese the body makes enough insulin but the cells in the body have become resistant to the salutary action of insulin. Hence becomes diabetic.
  • Pancreatitis: Damage to insulin-producing cells in your pancreas from chronic pancreatitis can lead to diabetes, a disease that affects the way your body uses blood sugar.
  • Genetic factor: Obesity tends to run in families, and families tend to have similar eating and exercise habits. If you have a family history of type 2 diabetes, it may be difficult to igure out whether your diabetes is due to lifestyle factors or genetic susceptibility. Most likely it is due to both. However, don't lose heart.
  • Hormonal imbalance in females with polycystic ovary diseases: When a female patients affected with hormonal imbalance diseases it is more likely to get affected with Diabetes. It is also because of heavy dose of medicines and its side effects.
  • Increased hunger and thirst: Suddenly your hunger, thirst and cravings increases to high level. If the patient is not aware about diabetes he/she will go on consuming food and put on weight.
  • Uncontrolled urge to urinate: Your frequency of number of urination will go up from normal. Normal is 3 to 4 times a day and no night urination. Under Diabetes it increases to 5 to 6 times on day time and 1 to 2 times at night.
  • Fatigue and blurred vision: Diabetes also affects your eye vision. It gives burning sensation and blurry vision.
  • Numbness/tingling in the feet or hands: Because of diabetes the blood flow in the body is disturbed which leads to BP problems and also gives numbness on the feet or hands.
  • Tiredness and weakness: Diabetes first mostly affects the auto immune system of the body which leads to tiredness and weakness.

Naturopathy & Ayurvedic Treatment

We provide a treatment which is a combination of Naturopath and Ayurvedic medicines. We do not believe in number games of diabetes as we believe diabetes is not about managing numbers but getting out of it. We help you with lifestyle improvements, kitchen changes and guidelines to prevent yourself and your family from diabetes. Diabetes is a metabolic disorder which occurs majorly due to sedentary lifestyle which cannot be merely treated by controlling sugar levels. We focus on rejuvenating body ensuring no further complication is caused.

Complications: If diabetes is not treated properly on time it can lead to several complications in the body like eye problems, joint pains, impotency, kidney failure, sexual and urological problems and more.

Diet and Lifestyle Advice

Diet will differ from patient to patient depending on their current diet and lifestyle.

Diet: Diet will include customized kitchen improvements, daily eating habits, education on myths and facts about diabetic diet.

Lifestyle: Lifestyle advice will include unlearning and learning of lifestyle habits for healthy and fit life. Guidelines and tips for better healthy practices. Some few changes in your lifestyle will change your life upside down and make you feel energetic.

General Diet Plan

  • Rice and chapatti to be consumed separately and never in one meal
  • Wheat chapatti to be avoided and start Jawari or Nachani chapatti
  • Potatoes to be consumed only by boiling and not frying
  • Consume fresh juice daily 1 glass
  • Coconut water 1 glass
  • Green salad to be included in lunch
  • Keep your dinner light
  • Consume all seasonal fruits for good immunity development
  • Reduce sugar and sweet products intake
  • Eat only thrice a day
  • Boerhavia Diffusa Dry Ext - Punarnava - 80 mg*
  • Hibiscus Rosasinesis Dry Ext - Jasson - 100 mg*
  • Murraya Koenigi Dry Ext - Curry Patta - 200 mg*
  • Caparis Decidua Dry Ext - Pinju - 80 mg*
  • Swertia Chireta Dry Ext - Chireta-125 mg*
  • Hemidesmus Dry Ext- Anantmool- 100 mg*
  • Cymopsis Tetragonoloba Dry Ext- Guar- 150 mg*
  • Syzigium Cumini Dry Ext -Jambu Beej- 250 mg*
  • Momordia Charntia Dry Ext -Karela2 - 200 mg*
  • Gymnema Sylvestre Dry Ext -meshshringi- 300 mg*
  • Caseria Esculenta Dry Ext -Saptarangi- 150 mg*
  • Trigonella Foenum Graecum -Dry Ext Methika- 250 mg*
  • Glycerrhiza Glabra Dry Ext -JYastimadhu- 180 mg*
  • Aegle Mamelos Bael Dry Ext- Bilwa Patra- 100 mg*
  • Barbedoes Aloes Dry Ext- Dhrit Kumari- 100 mg*
  • Enicostemalittorale Dry Ext -Mamejao- 100 mg*
  • Tribulus Terrestris Dry Ext -Gokshru- 50 mg*
  • Asphaltum Dry Ext- Shilajeet- 80 mg*
  • Commiphora Muk ul dry Ext -Suddha Guggul- 50 mg*
  • Melia Azadirac Dry Ext- Neem-100 mg*
  • Azadirachta Indica Dry Ext- Neem Chhal-100 mg*
  • Curcuma Longa Dry Ext- Haldi-200 mg*


You will experience a noticeable improvement in the complication and reduction of blood glucose level within one week of starting with Suc Care. At the end of 30 days there would be significant improvements.
The effectiveness of Suc Care will help diabetic patient of (Type 1 / 2), it does help in reducing complications which may lead to serious consequences. Type 1 diabetic patients are more prone to complications as no oral drugs helps them. Irrelevant of type 1 or 2 diabetic complications are more dangerous. It has been seen that with healthy lifestyle and support of Suc Care sugar level can be controlled because of which quantity of tittered dosage drugs gets reduced slowly and steadily.
You will experience a noticeable improvement in the complication and reduction of blood glucose level within one week of starting with Suc Care. At the end of 30 days, improvements would be significant.
You should continue to take other medications that have been prescribed by your physician. Initially until complications subside. Keep monitoring your blood sugar levels and it will come to your notice that your blood sugar levels are well under control. Under the guidance of your physician you need to keep on tapering the doses of your existing oral medications (Except for those who are Insulin Dependent) steadily. It has been observed in patients with Type 2 that with diet management and Suc Care elevated blood sugar can be well controlled.
Yes Suc Care is safe as it contains dry herbal extract derived from Natural sources. Suc Care is free from any bhasmas, metals, steroids, fillers or chemicals mixed in it. It is absolutely safe and can be taken on regular basis.
Can I use Suc Care when I am pregnant?
Though Suc Care contains dry herbal extract derived from Natural sources. Before taking Suc Care we advise you to consult your physician as he/she is the best judge.
Till date there have been no incidences of drug interaction being reported and Suc Care is well tolerated when administered along with other drugs.
Is Suc Care FDA approved?
Yes Suc Care is a registered trade mark and manufactured in compliance with drug license. Every batch of Suc Care goes through critical analysis for heavy metal and microbiological test before it reaches market. FDA strictly monitors the contents of product through routine analytical test.
Yes it can be taken 30 minutes prior to meals.
One of the major complications in diabetic patient is diabetic neuropathy. Diabetic neuropathy is damage to nerves in the body that occurs due to high blood sugar levels from. Where in nerves in the skull (cranial nerves), spinal column and their branches, and nerves that help your body manage vital organs, such as the heart, bladder, stomach, and intestines (called autonomic neuropathy) are damaged. Here Suc Care plays a vital role in improving the symptoms by taking care of nerve injuries due to uncontrolled blood sugar levels. Patients can have a sense of relief from symptoms like tingling or burning in the arms, legs, toes and deep pain in the feet and legs right on the 2nd day of Suc Care therapy.

Expected Results

  • It can keep your blood sugar levels controlled whether or not you are a diabetic patient.
  • Other complications arising out of diabetes can also be controlled by using Suc Care.
  • It also has anti ageing and anti ulcer properties which can help in protecting against ulcers.
  • Those who do not have diabetes but a family history of it can also benefit by using Suc Care.
  • Slowly your allopathy medicines dosages will be reduced and eventually stopped.

Recovery Timeline

15 to 30 days you will start seeing the results.

Why MedicoExperts Naturals?

Lifestyle diseases like Diabetes have become a part of our lifestyle and we have very well accepted it. We have accepted many myths as facts in our daily life.

Acceptance of these diseases have also made us slaves of allopathy medicines which eventually end up with many new side effects and the cycle of medicines go on and on. Medico expert believes in Naturopathy as an Ayurvedic solution as compared to allopathy for lifestyle diseases.

For more information and booking appointment for free online video consultation, please mail us your details and medical history at enquiry@medicoexperts.com. Our Case Manager would get in touch with you according to your convenient time to guide you with all information regarding your issues.