About Us

MedicoExperts which has been so popular for cross border consultation and medical tourism has now initiated a Natural treatment vertical on the popular and recurring demand of its customers and need of the hour. MedicoExperts which has earned his name and fame in twelve countries for its patient centric approach, transparency, results and creating win win situation for all of its stake holders is now penetrating in India with natural treatment remedies for lifestyle diseases and other alarming diseases.

We choose to spread natural treatment as a solution for all lifestyle diseases and other alarming diseases. As we all are noticing with time passing the list of diseases under sedentary lifestyle is increasing at an alarming rate. Hence, it is understood only different chemical combination will not help us to survive in a health way.

We are forced to find natural ways and remedies to come out of lifestyle diseases. Help us to educate all and spread the happiness of natural treatment for human well being and our future generation’s good health.

The very first step towards a healthy and fit life is to believe in it and take actions accordingly. By natural remedies we mean Ayurvedic treatment, Homeopathy treatment, lifestyle improvements, Kitchen improvements, spiritual wellness and overall wellness. We believe in natural remedies more because of the beauty that it identifies the real root cause and removes disease from the root and also help an individual to understand why the disease occurred at the first place. Our team will guide you towards leading a happy and healthy life as required by you.

We believe is passing the treatment benefits to our patients and in turn expect them to use our platform to be in touch with the treating doctors and medicines. You can expect the best of the rates not only for the best treatment but also can enjoy services like medicines home delivery, 24*7 personal assistance, morale support and other commonly required services.

Enjoy your treatment with the comfort of your very own natural remedies and lifestyle improvements – MedicoExperts Naturals.


To be the most trusted natural treatment provider for achieving holistic lifestyle.


To make our clients independent of any treatment, doctor or medicines and educate them to live life to the fullest in the most health way.


Educating our clients about the facts and myths about lifestyle disease. Guiding all to learn and unlearn practices to achieve holistic lifestyle and come out of diseases.